Learn Who We Are

It is our desire to first glorify God in all we do. Second to bring the homeschooling community together by providing a platform for homeschooling families to connect, buy, sell or give away homeschool curriculum, resources and supplies.

If you are a homeschooling family and need to buy, sell of give away curriculum (supplies or resources) this is the perfect place for you.

Buying Your Curriculum on Homeschool Surplus

Homeschool Surplus sells new curriculum which is combined with a platform that allows homeschoolers from all over the United States to list thier new and used curriculum as well. With a diverse range, prices and selection, homeschool families should easily find curriculum that works for their family and budget.

Create a Store

Why create a store? creating a store allows you to start listing your new and used curriculum. If you are a curriculum creator or have a line products that are tailored for the homeschooling community, your store will allow you to create an online presence and build relationships with with a growing community of homeschool families.

The Future

We will also be introducing integrated platforms that will allow our growing community of homeschoolers to interact and share helpful information trough blogging, forums and more.

We want Homeschool Surplus and our intergrated platforms to truly serve the homeschooling community. Therefore, we greatly desire your feedback so that it may be a true asset to all homeschoolers.

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