Add Product

How to add product

  1. From your dashboard, click “Add New Product”.
  2. Enter the product name, price, picture, categories and short description.
    • When selecting product categories, simply choose from the drop down window or type in the appropriate categories i.e “Math, K Math, Alpha Omega”. In the example we chose the main category of Math, the sub category (grade lever) of K Math and the brand of curriculum Alpha Omega.
    • If you want your curriculum Featured on the homepage, simply select the “Featured Curriculum” category.
  3. Click “Create Product”
  4. Full product description page will open.
  5. Fill in the rest of your product details.
  6. At the bottom of page.
  7. Make sure “This product requires shipping” is checked.
  8. Add the weight of product (the product length, width and height are not required).
  9. Select the shipping class according to the weight of your product (use shipping chart to determine classes).
  10. NOTE: Shipping via the shipping tab of your dashboard is disable therefore ONLY USE the sipping method as describe here until further notice.
  11. Save product.